• Navmalika Sidhu


Updated: Apr 29

What they make: T-shirts, Pants, Scarves and stoles, Socks, Masks

With a name that literally translates to ‘real’, in Hindi and Nepali, Aslee strives to bring to you clothing that is authentic in every way. By creating sustainably-made, higher-quality essential clothing made of bamboo, Himalayan nettle and hemp, the brand, founded in 2018 by Nitij Singh and Zoya Wahi, is looking to build value through their supply chain as well as for their consumer, and the planet.



Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Bamboo and hemp are low-impact crops—they use minimal water and pesticides while absorbing huge quantities of greenhouse gases during cultivation. Bamboo, which mostly grows only on rainwater, produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent strand of trees, while Himalayan Nettle, known as the miracle plant, protects our mountains by holding the soil in place and preventing erosion. That Aslee turns to crops that are beneficial to grow, for the ecosystem, to source their raw materials from, is a definite sign that the brand values planetary health over all else. The only drawback, perhaps, would be that the production of bamboo fabric is a resource-intensive process.

Aslee also does not disappoint with their fabric colours, turning only to eco-friendly dyes, and we love that their inventory is free of any frills, with a very concise range of products—so no wastage! The one concern would be the carbon cost of transporting the products from Nepal, where they are produced. Their packaging is mostly biodegradable and compostable. How cool is that!



Aslee works with indigenous Himalayan communities, in India and Nepal, every step of the way, from the cultivation of the crops to the manufacturing of the fabrics and the production of their garments. The benefits of the sales are passed down through the chain. That they work with low-impact crops that need lesser pesticides and their production processes don’t expose garment workers to harmful chemicals is a big win! Though it would go a long way for transparency, to know more about which these communities are and what the manufacturing facilities are like.



Aslee’s got you covered for your basics, from your plain, round-neck tees to comfy, everyday socks that are also anti-microbial! And their price points are really accessible—possibly not what you were hoping to pay for a pair of socks, but hey, these have been put together with a lot of care and love. To find out exactly what goes into their pricing, read here.

Hemp, bamboo and nettle are all-weather fabrics that keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer, and have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and odour-resistant properties along with the ability to block out up to 50% UV rays. They’re also low-maintenance and super durable. The ideal fabrics for your basic tees, socks and masks.

For every one of their products, Aslee helps you to a detailed description of its impact on the environment, the components of the fabric as well as the comparison of the fabric to other eco-friendly options. If you’re a fabric nerd, you’ve found your match! But here’s the best part of all: Their incredibly inclusive sizing ranges from a Size 2 to a Size 22 (XXL). We’re absolutely floored!