• Navmalika Sidhu


Updated: Jul 23

What they make: Period Underwear

Where to find them: https://fridayundies.com

Only a few months old, Friday Undies was founded by Shivani Singh, in an effort to reduce plastic waste, and give women more sustainable options for menstruation. Friday Undies makes eco-friendly, reusable period underwear for women, with the promise to keep you comfortable and rash-free during your period.



Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

According to a report by WaterAid India and Menstrual Hygiene Alliance India (MHAI), almost one billion sanitary pads are used and disposed off every year. With every woman who makes the switch to period underwear—completely or even in part—this plastic waste from sanitary products will reduce drastically. Friday Undies period panties are easy to clean, and do not require any harsh chemicals. The brand uses bamboo and organic cotton for their period panties, which is great, but the source remains unspecified, raising questions about the impact of their supply chain and production processes.



Apart from the ideology of the founder, there isn’t much information about the team that is working to manufacture Friday Undies. Even though concession may be given for the fact that the brand was only founded in 2021, this is something that really needs to be addressed.

Photo by Billie on Unsplash



Considering one pair of period panties will last you anywhere between two and five years, Friday Undies are definitely a more sustainable choice for you, in terms of convenience, price and eco-friendliness. This four-layered, leakproof underwear may not work for everyone, all the time, though. How comfortable and convenient it really is will depend on your flow as well as your period cycle. The only available colour, at least for now, is black, but we love that it comes with care tips, which will help you make yours last longer. The ultimate clincher, though, is how well the brand engages with their community on social media, in spite of an inventory that’s all of one product!