• Navmalika Sidhu

No Nasties: Planet-positive or greenwashing?

Updated: Jun 1

What they make: T-shirts, tops, shirts, dresses, knitwear, bags.

Where to buy: https://www.nonasties.in/ ; The No Nasties store in Assagao, Goa.

Sustainable fashion under ₹5,000.

Established in 2011, in Goa, No Nasties is one of India’s few brands that subscribes to a host of international certifications and agencies, verifying the brand’s claims and ensuring complete transparency in their processes. An organic, vegan clothing brand, they use Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)-certified organic cotton for all their creations, they have been rated ‘Great’ by Good on You, their factories are Fairtrade-certified, they’ve even been certified by PETA, and their impact report has been ratified by Green Story.

No Nasties promote their garments as a ‘labour of love’—love for the planet, love for fellow beings, love for good design.



Photo by Trisha Downing on Unsplash
Photo by Trisha Downing on Unsplash

No Nasties uses 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton for all their garments. Grown without any synthetic chemicals, using only natural seeds, fertilisers and pest-control measures, this cotton is high on water and energy savings, is better for the land and also for the health of those who cultivate it and work with it. And that’s only the beginning. At the ‘No Nasties Grove’ in Odisha, where their organic cotton is produced at Chetna Organic, a tree is planted for every purchase as well as for everyday for the term of their business, to offset the carbon footprint from the shipping and their production, respectively. Their products are economically packed in reusable organic cotton drawstring bags, and shipped in self-sealing recycled cardboard boxes, ensuring their packaging is plastic-free and near-zero waste.

But what we love the most is their annual impact report, in collaboration with Green Story, which gives regular updates on the brand’s water savings, energy savings, emissions and land impact, and is available for all to see on their website.



No Nasties has a completely transparent supply chain, from the organic cotton farm, Chetna Organic in Odisha, to the Fairtrade factory, Rajlakshmi Mills in Kolkata and Noida. The details of all facilities as well as credit to all team members is all there on the website, for all to see. They follow strict ethical and environmental standards, with no child labour being imperative. In fact, founder Apurv Kothari has been on the country team of Fashion Revolution India for a few years, and No Nasties has been frontlining the #whomademyclothes campaign.

No Nasties has also been empowering women from cotton-farming communities by upcycling factory waste and recycling post-consumer clothing into a fashion accessory, to provide a secondary, ensured income, through the ‘Once Upon a Doug’ initiative.



Photo courtesy Amrisha Lamba Chauhan

No Nasties creates accessible, minimalistic designs for men and women, in solid colours as well as quirky prints. They also offer zero-waste knits for cooler climes, and canvas bags for a day out. While we love how concise their collections are, their designs—especially their dresses for women—conform to a certain mood, so may not be for everyone. They also had a great kidswear line, which they appear to have discontinued. But if you’re looking for comfort WFH wear, look no further! They ship worldwide, and have quite an international presence, too.

No Nasties also offers custom printing on bulk orders, and undertakes backend work for new brands looking for inroads into sustainability, ensuring green fabrics and ethical production for them.